Want to know how you can win more customers on social media? Follow these 11 tips and you could be reeling a lot more in at little to no marketing cost to you!

11 ways to win more customers on social media

We’ve already talked about social media as a digital marketing tactic for small businesses. We’ve even talked about which social media channels you need to invest in. This week we’re going to go into a bit more detail and explain how you can win more customers on social media.

Social media is a great marketing channel for small businesses due to the ease and relatively low cost compared to other platforms. Most of these tactics are free and will only require a time investment, so there’s no reason not to give them a try!

1.     Define your audience

You won’t be able to gain more customers unless you know who they are. Who buys your product or service? Are they professionals, parents, the elderly, or teenagers? What problems do they need solved? What information are they looking for?

Once you establish this, your social media marketing will improve immensely. Write down who your target audience is and focus on delivering the content and information they need.

2.     Create and share relevant content

You’ve already defined your audience, now it’s time to give them what they’re looking for. Dig around on social media sites and find out what content your audience is liking or sharing. Create something original and potentially viral.

If your audience interacts with your content, all of their friends or followers will see it too, hence spreading your business name further.

3.     Listen and respond to feedback

There’s nothing worse than seeing a company who doesn’t respond to their customers and potential customers on social media. This is such an easy win and a great way to keep existing customers happy and maybe gain some new ones in the process.

On some platforms, such as Twitter, you can even search your own brand name to see if anything is being said about your business online. Respond to both positive and negative comments.

4.     Use social media as a medium for customer support

If a customer contacts you via social media, help them sort out their problem on that platform. Not only will you keep the customer happy by contacting them on their preferred channel, but your helpful attitude and eventual solving of the problem will be there for all to see.

Seeing quick responses and resolutions will instill confidence in your other customers, as well as potential ones.

5.     Focus on building a community

If your social media channels are a place where likeminded people can share content, ideas, and opinions, it will naturally draw more people in. Always foster your community and encourage discussion by posting topical, interesting, and even controversial conversation starters.

6.     Host a competition

This tactic isn’t always totally free, as you’ll need a prize to offer your winner. However, it can be one of the most effective ways to spread the word about your brand and get people following your social media channels. This is also a great way to grow your email marketing mailing list.

7.     Use popular posts to create awesome content

Has there been an interesting discussion on one of your social media channels? Or maybe a whole bunch of people have offered their opinion on a certain issue? Take this content and turn it into something even better, such as an infographic.

You already know your audience is interested in the topic, so it’s the perfect way to create more content that they’ll enjoy and share across their own networks.

8.     Build relationships with other brands

We’re not suggesting that you start promoting your competitor’s content, but it can help to be friendly with related businesses online who aren’t direct competitors. Share their interesting content and the love will be returned.

9.     Fill out your profile properly

If customers visit your business at a physical location, i.e. not just online, it’s important that you include address details, opening hours, and your telephone number. Similarly, all other businesses should include their correct contact details so customers can call easily.

10.Keep track of your success

Monitor your efforts in Google Analytics or another platform of your choice. If something is failing in your social media strategy, you need to know so you can stop immediately. On the flip side, if something is working really well, you need to know so you can do more of it. Don’t forget or brush aside this very important step.

11.Host a cool event on your page

Get the crowds coming to your social media pages by offering them a relevant event. For example if you’re a veterinarian, maybe you could offer a two hour window online where pet owners could ask you anything. Think outside the box, establish yourself as an expert in your field, and you’ll have new customers coming to you in no time.

What other ideas do you think could help your social media marketing?

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