You write interesting and relevant content online, but no one seems to be reading it. Sound familiar? Just a few formatting and writing tips could help boost your numbers. Check it out here to start making your content more readable almost instantly.

Description: You write interesting and relevant content online, but no one seems to be reading it. Sound familiar? Just a few formatting and writing tips could help boost your numbers. Check it out here to start making your content more readable almost instantly.

13 secrets that will make your web content more readable

Online audiences are some of the hardest to please. They want their information now and they don’t want to hang around for too long to get it. Whether it’s your product pages, company blog, or content on third party sites, making it engaging is the key to success.

The good news is that with just a few formatting tweaks and some minor writing tips, you could be producing content that your audience will stick around to read. We’ve listed 13 secrets here that could make all the difference to your web content.


People consume content differently online than they would when reading a book or a magazine. Get these formatting tips right and you’ll make your article easier to scan for the busy online user.

1.      Use headings

This sounds like an obvious one, but it’s important to note as it allows the reader to scan your article in a logical way. Always have your main title in the largest heading, followed by smaller sub-headings and then even smaller headings for the next level down.

2.      Ensure your font is easy to read

Don’t choose a fancy font when you can choose a much more readable one instead. You can test this yourself by having family or friends read the same text in various styles. If there is a standout font that people could read easier and faster, go with it.

3.      Make the most of line breaks

Long, uninterrupted chunks of text are not easy to digest. Try to keep paragraphs short by including only one point or idea in each one.

4.      Bullet points are the best

  • Bullet points help break up the text
  • They make lists more readable
  • They’re easy for your reader to scan

5.      Make important text stand out

If you’re making a point, bold it to enforce its importance.

6.      Complement your articles with awesome images

Images break up the text and help convey your message in a visual way. This is especially necessary for tutorial/instructional articles or any time you’re describing something complex. Clear images of your product within relevant content will help sell it, too.


We’re going to assume you’ve got some good information to share. But that doesn’t mean that some special attention to certain elements can’t help improve your articles. Follow these easy writing tips to make your content more readable and engaging.

7.      Don’t sell too hard

We all know how unsuccessful the pushy salesman is in real life, so don’t be that person in your online content. Provide useful content that benefits your readers in some way and the conversions will come to you.

8.      Keep some things short and sweet

There’s no need to write essay length pages just because you can. Try to keep your writing concise. Some pages will need a lot of words and others won’t. Make everything as easy to digest as possible.

9.      Don’t be too clever

Unless you’re writing for a specific audience that requires complex language, always keep your writing simple. Don’t use big words because you think it sounds clever – it will only confuse and alienate some of your readers.

10. Write engaging headlines that actually deliver

You need a great headline to encourage people to visit your content. Make sure the content lives up to it and reflects what you’ve promised in the title.

11. Write clear sub-headings

Always ensure that your headings are compelling and allow the reader to quickly recognise what the following section will include. As mentioned a few times within this article, people like to scan content and if they don’t understand your sub-headings straight away, they won’t stick around.

12. Include your most important information first

This rule applies especially when you’re trying to sell one of your products. Include the most important pieces of information first and follow it with the rest. You want to grab the audience from the start.


A little organisation goes a long way in the content writing world. Be prepared and you’ll always be ready with interesting articles that your readers will love.

13. Create a content calendar

Brainstorm, research, and discover what your readers want. Then make a calendar full of article ideas for the coming weeks. There’s nothing worse than sloppy and uninteresting articles that have been thought of at the last minute.

Do you have any tips for writing content that your audience will want to read?

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