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February 27th, 2016 — Posted by Ade Olabode

PrognoStore is Point-of-Sale Software built for Small Business Owners like you! It's inbuilt with robust inventory and clever reports to be all you need to run your business. But how do you actually get started with it? This post is here to help you get started.


How to get started with PrognoStore


It’s great that you’ve taken the leap of faith and decided to stop doing things the old way! Now that you have PrognoStore to sell, take care of inventory and run reports which shows what’s really happening in your store. You have a chance to increase productivity and profits.


But how do you actually get started with using PrognoStore? The below aims to answer the most likely steps you will need to perform to get the minimum benefit of your new store account.


Add Products

Adding Product is the indeed the number 1 step. If you think about it, how can you sell (and track sales, inventory, etc) if the product information is not correctly reflected in the system?


What do you need?

1. Product name

2. Description

3. Default Price

4.  SKU


Protip: Product Name, Description and SKU can be the same. If using the upload template, save downloaded template onto deskstop or mobile device, input data and upload as Comma Separated Values (CSV).


Show you how it works?



Make a Sale

Now your products are in, you want to actually make a sale. This is pretty straightforward as your newly added products appear directly as your shortcut keys on sales screen. You can also add a customer, give a discount and print out receipts.


What do you need



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Give Discount, layaway or Refunds

This is how you can give a customer a discount (by % e.g. 10% or fixed amount -10), perform a layaway (reserve an item) or refund.


What do you need        

The details of the item or transaction.


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Add Customers

Of course you want to add your customers. That’s how you get to keep track of them and make those VIP customers feel special. You can directly add customers in the sale screen or in the customers section.


What do you need

1. Customer Name

2. Customer email

3. Customer Group


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Add Users


Finally you will want to add other users with roles such as 'Shop Assistant' 'Supervisor', Accountant' or 'Admin'.


What do you need

1. User Name

2. User email

3. Other User details (e.g. date of birth) and assigning to register, outlet.


Protip:You can change user access in your 'Permission Matrix' in settings, which gives you confidence that just the right access is provided.


Show me how it works?





That's all you need to get started! We're keen to hear from you so please if any questions or feedback, drop us a line at You will also find loads of useful articles and information in our helpCentre.



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Ade Olabode
Ade Olabode is an adviser to small business owners. He's the co-founder & CEO of PrognoStore. Follow him on twitter @papaolabode
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Elisha Zira
12 days ago
Its nice,very helpful.but if the instructions is in form of video that one can download it will be good.cos seeing it on a small device its difficult.
Peter Lewis
3 days ago
Excellent demo. I was struggling with the product creation and the demo has given me the information I needed to progress.