Looking for the ultimate in free digital marketing tools that will help you run your own campaigns with ease? We’ve put together a list of awesome programs into one handy article. The best bit is that all of these are completely free!

8 free tools to manage digital marketing for small businesses



It has been a very digital marketing-flavoured time here at PrognoStore. Over the past few weeks we’ve delved into free digital marketing tactics for small businesses, how to get your business to appear on Google Maps, using social media to win more customers, making your content more engaging, do-it-yourself SEO, and more.

This week is going to cap off our digital marketing for small business series, so we’re going to leave you with a list of quality free tools to help you manage your campaigns going forward. We all know how time consuming running a business can be, so we hope you’ll find these as useful and easy to operate as we do!

1.     Google Analytics

This is the ultimate in free web analytics. If you haven’t got Google Analytics (GA) installed, we highly recommend you get started with it. All it takes is a small snippet of code and you’ll be viewing detailed site stats in no time. GA is where you will grab all of your information from overall site visitors to detailed statistics on specific campaigns, whether it’s social media, SEO, affiliate marketing, or anything else relating to your website.

GA is not only free, but actively SAVES you money by allowing you to see which campaigns are working and require further investment, and which ones can be ditched immediately.

2.     Hootsuite

We’ve been through the seemingly endless social media platforms that can help your business grow. Hootsuite Free is here to help you manage your three biggest channels. Hootsuite allows you to schedule social media posts to go live when you won’t be online to do it yourself, view social media analytics, easily manage multiple channels in one stream, plus loads of other cool stuff.

Social media can be one of the most time consuming of all digital marketing areas, so let this amazing program help you out on this one. There are other free social media management tools out there, but we can’t go past Hootsuite and think it’s even better than similar tools that actually cost money.

3.     Google AdWords Keyword Planner

This is your SEO saviour. Don’t know whether to write that article about DIY flower arrangements or the other one you had in mind about popular wedding flowers? Put the search terms into the Google AdWords Keyword Planner and you’ll have your answer. The Keyword Planner returns the monthly search volume on each term you enter, so it’s easy to decide which content should take priority on your site.

The benefits of the Keyword Planner do not stop there. It will also return related suggestions that you may not have thought of before and is a great place to start content strategy work. It will even group the sets of keyword suggestions, making it super easy to categorise certain content ideas.

4.     Social Mention

Want to know what the social media world is saying about your brand? Just type it into Social Mention and you’ll see a full list of mentions, as well as a snapshot on brand sentiment, strength, passion, and reach. This is also a good tool for checking out your competitors or any other keyword that is related to your business.

5.     Bitly

The Bitly URL shortener is not just great for those pesky 140 character limits on Twitter. It will also record the link stats for you and help to determine which types of content your audience is after. If you share a link to an article on a website that isn’t yours, Bitly will still track how many clicks it received and how your social media audience interacted with it – perhaps inspiring you to write a similar piece for your own site.

6.     Google URL Builder

This handy tool adds specific parameters to your links, which enables you to view the activity of a certain campaign in more detail. For example, you have a link you want to share on email, Facebook, and Twitter. If you add different parameters to the same link using the Google URL Builder you can view the performance of all three in Google Analytics and know which channel was working hardest for you. You can read a complete up to date guide on Google URL Builder here.

7.     Übersuggest

This is another good one for SEO keyword inspiration. Simply type in a keyword related to your business and Übersuggest will return every possible combination of key phrases for you. This tool utilises Google Suggest, as well as other tools to make sure no keywords slip through the gaps. You can then download the lists in a simple text file. Easy!

8.     Open Site Explorer

This tool is provided by Moz and is excellent for checking out competitor backlinks, analysing anchor text, and coming up with new and creative linking strategies. Open Site Explorer has been around for years and it still hasn’t lost its edge. Moz also produce a bunch of other free marketing tools that you may want to check out.

So there you have it – PrognoStore’s ultimate list of free digital marketing tools for small businesses! Can you think of any others to add to the list?

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Amanda Layton
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My favorite is Buffer which is similar to Hootsuite. There's a free version and you can you go for paid to get more. Check