Is there really a need to invest in customer service training? While it might be a large upfront cost, it could end up increasing your profits significantly. We’ll tell you why you need it to maximise sales and win more customers.

Customer Service Training: Should You Invest?

It’s not uncommon to hear managers or owners of small businesses dismiss professional customer service training as a ‘luxury’, ‘nice-to-have’, or simply ‘unnecessary’. After all, when your sales are doing just fine, it’s hard to see the need for splashing out on professional services.

While customer service training may not suit every business or may not even be affordable for every business, the majority of small business owners should definitely reconsider their negative stance. Especially if you have employees.

Your sales might be okay now, but could they be even better? The answer is ‘probably’. And as a recent study by American Express showcased, customers spent 9% more with companies that provide excellent service - a pretty compelling reason to look for areas of improvement at least!

What does customer service training usually involve?

Customer service training usually covers three key areas, and these will vary depending on your industry and if your training provider customises their program to your business. As mentioned above, if you have employees, this kind of training is very important.

Three key training areas:

  • Product and/or service: This will cover the details of your product or service and will ensure that staff know it inside out, in order to close more sales.
  • Customer service technology and tools: If you use computer programs or any electronic devices during the sales process, you and your staff need to be trained correctly to maintain an efficient experience for your customers. If you sell through your website and/or have a social media presence, you should also make sure your training provider will cover customer service in the online environment.
  • Customer service skills: This area will train you and your employees to say and do all the right things when it comes to serving your customers. It should cover everything from general greetings, to handling angry complaints.

Why invest in customer service training for your business

So, you’ve heard a little bit about what you’ll generally receive for your hard-earned money, but now we’ll share some good reasons WHY you should invest.

  • Employees with poor training tend to leave their jobs a lot sooner than those working for companies who invest in good customer service training. Training your employees properly gives them the confidence to sell your product or service more effectively, which will also increase their job satisfaction.
  • Training will ensure your business runs more smoothly. If you or your employees are unsure how to use sales programs, or need further details on a certain product or service it slows the whole sales process down and wastes time. This is valuable time that could be spent making additional sales.
  • Proper training can be a very effective hiring tool and a great incentive for potential staff who want to learn and further develop their careers. It could be the very thing that makes them choose to work for you over your competitor.
  • Further to the above point, customer service training can also improve staff retention. Employees will be more likely to stay on if you can offer further development of their skill set and help to enhance their career. It also means they keep learning new things, which prevents boredom in the workplace.
  • Having all staff properly trained is a great risk management strategy. All too often, businesses rely on one particular person to do a certain job and when they resign the business is left in the lurch. Training all staff completely eradicates this problem.
  • Happy customers equals more sales. You may think your customers are satisfied, but you could probably be doing more to please them. Customer service training will help you see where you need more work.

Do you think customer service training is worth investing in?

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Amanda Layton
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6 days ago
Nothing beats having an excellent customer service, not even the best product
Olayinka Alawode
5 days ago
It's worth investing because it's one of the most essential part of a business.
28 days ago
This simply makes sense. will be sharing this on my LinkedIn as well for others to learn from!
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