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January 22th, 2015 — Posted by David Adeleke

I've seen people who are driven to make a success of a venture that only end up driving themselves into the ground because, though they may be moving, they are moving in the wrong direction. In business, nothing is more important than results and accurate numbers, those are the true indicators of growth. As important as it is to be committed to making your venture work, some things just outweigh commitment on the scale of importance. What can some of those things be?

 Commitment is not Enough

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Recently, I watched an episode of the venture capital show, Shark Tank (a show where business owners or innovators come and pitch their ideas to investors [Sharks] with hopes of getting a deal). In that particular episode, two ladies pitched their ideas which seemed so great to everyone. However, when they were asked the inevitable question of how well their business was doing in terms of numbers, they fell short. Their idea, though good, wasn’t generating impressive numbers.

One of the sharks, Mark Cuban, loved their idea and their personalities and was moved to make a deal with them but he needed more convincing. Mark asked them to give him good reasons to invest in their business and immediately one of them said “We are very passionate and committed”, he snapped back at her: “Commitment is not enough!” Those words struck me like a signpost would hit the head of someone walking on a pedestrian walk and not looking up. They both stunned and made me marvel at the same time. But in all honesty, I saw the truth in them. Those words linger in my heart with every task I set out to do ‘with commitment’.

So if commitment is not enough, what is? Well, I came to a conclusion (derived from real life and Shark Tank lessons), that in business, numbers and results are everything. As important as commitment to something is, producing results and having the figures to show for it are proofs that one’s business is growing.

Take for example Danielle who runs a grocery store. She started the store when she found out that the only other and first grocer in town was monopolising goods and prices. She decided to compete against this man and create a better alternative for her town folks. Danielle, who is so committed and driven by this task, set up the store but in three months found out that the odds weren’t in her favour. In her bid to be fair and kind in pricing, she saw her store numbers running into the red. Danielle isn’t short of commitment and motivation, but the most important thing in business, her numbers aren't in her favour her. Therefore, she reviewed her prices and suppliers’ list in a bid to save her business, amongst other things, and there was a remarkable change in the business fortunes. She has learned that commitment is not enough for success and that just because you want something doesn’t mean you’ll get it.

Of course commitment is very important, but in the end, results and profitable numbers generated are what matter most.

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