What makes a point-of-sale the best? What are the critical features required in any point-of-sale? Which Point-of-sale is the best in Nigeria?

Best Point-of-Sale System in Nigeria

best point-of-sale system in nigeria 

To start with, can any company really lay claim to having the best system or product in town? We have a number of POS systems in Nigeria but none can really be said to meet international standard. What do I mean? None of these systems can be used elsewhere in the world. This is not an indictment on the developers of the systems or the products themselves, the fact is the products or systems can not be sold in any country outside Nigeria. Sure, what if they can not be sold or used in other countries, does that stop them from being the best in Nigeria? One may want to ask? Not at all. Any company or developer may claim to having the best product in Nigeria but a claim is just what it is, a claim which is subject to corroboration 


This brings me to my own claim, as the Head of Product Development of PrognoStore I guess I am allowed one or two claims. What makes a Point of Sale the best? Without having to go round in circles, I guess the features is the starting point. Features are what the product offers. The inherent claims of the product. The question is, is PrognoStore the best Point-of-Sale System? Having reviewed other POS systems in Nigeria, not many quality ones out there to be honest, it is easy to say yes. Here is why. PrognoStore is not just your average POS!


What is PrognoStore?

PrognoStore is a 3-in-1 Cloud Based Solution combining Point-of-Sale, Inventory and Analytics to run your Business. It’s a beautiful software that’s simple to use but powerful enough to be all you need to run your store. Features offered by PrognoStore include but not limited



  • A super easy point-of-sale, clean and uncluttered


  • Robust inventory management - so you know what you have in stock at every point in time, meaning theft is also reduced


  • Reports built for intelligence. Powerful reports to run, understand and grow your business


  • Customer Management that is easy to use. Now you can keep track of those VIP customers and continue to keep them happy

Integration to 3rd Party Apps

  • So you never have to mess about with exporting of files and endless reconciliations between systems.


This is a screenshot of the Features page of PrognoStore. It shows you what you will get from PrognoStore POS

 It is often said that a trial will convince you. This is very true. You don't know until try it. There is no other POS claiming to be the best in Nigeria. Why not sign up for a free account and review the features in PrognoStore yourself. Do you know other POS systems that you think should rank higher than PrognoStore? You can drop your comments as I will like to know about them. 

                       best point of sale in nigeria


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23 days ago
Sounds impressive and looking forward to it (I've signed up!).
21 days ago
This product sure packs a punch, hope I can get to see a demonstration as soon as you roll out.
11 days ago
Hi there! I'm now in California! What POS devices you can recommend me??? What do you think about this POS system? Is it available or not?
Oladimeji Owolabi
5 days ago
please send me a quote for POS (hardware and software) for a restaurant and bar.
Kali Ibrahim
8 days ago
The product is okay and it will go a long way to solve problem faced by small scale retail business owners.
Kali Ibrahim
8 days ago
The product is okay and it will go a long way to solve problem faced by small scale retail business owners.
Boromax global limited
23 days ago
Boromax Global Limited In Collaboration With C. B. N, For More Information And Enquiry Contact +2348030774148, We Offer Pos Machine On Affordable Price With Warranty, Become The MD/CEO Of Your Own Mobile Bank And Make Millions on it. We Also carry out servicing free as well. The fees are for the terminal and maintenance so you can look at it as a “pay small small” option for owning a POS. The application form requests the full business name, the business owner account number, the business email address, phone numbers and other minor details, and processing takes 72 hours and Pos machine is delivered to customers not less then 1 week from booking time. (we have one of the fastest processing in the market and our agent will come within 48 hours if you have any problems). For more information and enquiry contact +2348030774148, Office Address: A12 Intercontinental Shopping Plaza, Plot 507 Idimba Str. Zone3, Wuse, Abuja, Nigeria.
24 days ago
Please i need full quote of both the software and hardware of your service. We are a newly established fast food in Lagos and we are at the verge of digitalizing our operations. It would be nice to have a quote and your pricing for the above.