This is the second part of our guide to choosing the perfect POS software for your business. Check out part 1 here. Remember you need to buy a software that is meant for your type of business and industry.

9 Top Tips To Choosing The Perfect POS Software For Your Business



This is the second part of our guide to choosing the perfect POS software for your business. Check out part 1 here.  Remember you need to buy a software that is meant for your type of business and industry. Not all kinds of POS are suitable for your business.

However, these features include;


1. Inventory Tracking: Managing your inventory can be a lot of work and very time-consuming. Therefore, it is really important for a POS software to serve as a fast and efficient inventory management tool in order to make the process stress free.

It should be able to track every sale and monitor inventory levels as products leave/enter your store. In-built alerts should also make ordering easy from your suppliers and help with time management.


2. Fast and reliable checkouts: A retail POS software should have a trustworthy and smooth check out process. That is, the salesperson should be able to enter information quickly without any redundant steps that slow down the process for your valuable customers.

For example, having pre-programmed touch screen buttons mirrors the experience of using an iPad which makes it easier to train your employees on your POS and serve your customers swiftly.


3. Accessibility: A good POS software should be able to offer online access which enables you to monitor your sales and inventory anywhere you are and from any mobile ready device.


4. Multiple location capability: A great POS software should be capable of helping you stay connected with your business from anywhere remotely. It is a convenient feature for your business if your business has more than one location.


5. Advanced reporting tools: Collecting data about the state of your business is essential for success. A good POS software should be user-friendly but still deliver deep business insights. It should churn out useful information for you such as product types or models, weekly sales, monthly sales, annual sales and hourly transactions.


6. Mobile payments on the road: Point of sale systems are no longer limited to on-site transactions. You should be able to take your business to a trade fair or business expo, connect to the internet and process transactions as if you were in your own store. 

This feature is especially handy at events were people can sample your products or try out a demo. If they like the experience, you can sell them products, sign them up for your newsletter, and possibly even make a new customer for your business on the spot. 


7. Customer Data: A good POS software can convert the data of customer’s profile into valuable information. So you can tell how often the customers come to purchase a product and which product customers buy frequently which will, in turn, help your business place orders frequently before it has run out of the stock your customers are looking for. The data can also lead to you creating and managing an effective loyalty program, which can increase your sales.


8. Real Time information: With POS software, You should be able to view registers total with the breakdown of payment type with real-time data! Real-time updating means that anywhere and at any time, you should be able to immediately view the current sales and inventory numbers.


9. Customer support: Ensure that your POS provider is available to support you 24/7 because it is necessary that you are able to reach out to your POS support staff whenever you want to. This shows efficiency on the part of the POS provider which in essence leads to customer trust.

Ensuring the tool you choose has the above features will definitely increase effectiveness and efficiency of your retail business. You can also check different ways that help you in selecting the best POS.



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23 days ago
Thanks for sharing the effective tips. This definitely helps. Never get enrolled for long-term package if you are selecting the POS software for the first time. Always take the trial version and ask for if a trial version is not listed in the package.
15 days ago
Well, I'm sure some Piece Of Sh*t Point Of Service hardware may not be up to the job. Perhaps they should consult the Las Vegas hotel/casinos. They know how to take your money without losing anything.
Derek Dewitt
7 days ago
I like your point about how POS software allows for a smoother checkout process. I always notice both employees and customers get frustrated when their systems stop working. I think having an updated system and software is a great way to ensure customers keep coming back.
Lucas White
28 days ago
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