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March 30th, 2015 — Posted by David Adeleke

It is important to note that no business can rise above the level of the quality of its personnel. This is why big organization spend a lot on training and improving their personnel, and this is what small businesses need to do to. However, they don't have to spend as much.

3 Ways to Improve Your People


A lot of money is spent annually by companies seeking to develop and improve their personnel. In fact, the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) estimates that organizations spent $125.88 billion on employee learning and development in 2009 alone. In 2013, the Association for Talent Development reports that organizations spent an average of $1,208 per employee, and the number of learning hours increased from 30.3 to 31.5 hours, per employee. It is important to note that no business can rise above the level of the quality of its personnel.


Here are 3 simple ways small business owners can improve personnel:


1. Training

Training helps employees to understand and know their roles better and improve their overall performance. It will also help them increase their level of productivity. Furthermore, by training your personnel, you will improve the quality of service that your store offers to customers as employees will feel more confident and comfortable doing their jobs.


2. Set Objectives for Them

It is not enough simply to train or develop your personnel, you must learn to set objectives for them, then supervise them, then help them and make sure that they achieve those objectives. Setting measurable objectives makes it easier for you to track the growth of your personnel, assess their performance and make promotion or salary increase decisions based on measurable performance. Another benefit is that setting objectives helps you to better quantify the growth of your business in general. Through achieving their objectives, employees will also gain a higher job satisfaction which will support higher productivity.


3. Assess Their Success and Failures

The third simple way you can improve your personnel is by assessing their successes and failures. This really doesn't mean you're somewhere hanging around, counting mistakes or missteps waiting to pounce and dismiss. Neither does it mean youre spying on them, looking for whom to commend or to condemn. It simply means that you are using metrics, based on the objectives set, to help evaluate at how your people are performing. If someone is performing well, you commend them. If one is performing badly in a certain area, you help look for ways to ameliorate their performances.


These are just 3 straightforward ways amongst many that small business owners can improve the quality of their personnel and increase productivity. Do you have any other tips or suggestions? Kindly share with us in the comments section below.

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18 days ago
It is often said that your best resources are your employees. Do the best to get the best out of them
18 days ago
Sadly this is an area small businesses owners (like myself) don't devote enough time. Well, one can only hope...
18 days ago
Great post David. For me training is key. A badly trained staff can leave a damaging effect for your business.
David Adeleke
17 days ago
That is very true. But too many small businesses don't invest in developing their staff. They don't see the importance.
17 days ago
I can't but help adding 'reward' as a key factor as well, and this does not always have to be monetary!
10 days ago
Useful post for management everywhere.....A driven employee will take ownership of their role and deliver better than expected results...and perhaps most important, show customers that they are passionate about their organisation.
Annabelle Ithzak
28 days ago
There is no way an untrained employees can produce high quality products and the end result is dissatisfied customers.